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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ v1.3.0


Enjoy the story and adventure in the world of Disney!
While collecting "light (lux)" in a variety of world,
Let Susumeyo the story become the hero of the fairy tale!
Or listening to the wish of the way met characters who of adventure,
Collect the items to the field search, it can also be weapons strengthening of!
Popular character studded! Exhilarating battle with a simple flick!
Only in the flashy battle deployment touch and flick!
The medal appeared popular characters of Disney and Final Fantasy,
It is also possible to trigger a favorable various abilities in battle.
Depending on the deck of the medal in it is possible to destroy the enemy in a short turn, be clear with good results!

In cooperation with fellow overlook the huge boss! Speedrun elements are also volume size!
Huge Reidobosu that appears as a suddenly will Semeyo breath in cooperation with colleagues.
In addition, in the "Coliseum" will be held and advance the story, a chance to try their own power!
In Reidobosu or Coliseum, you can get a rare reward!

Coordination yourself to nice! Enjoy the fast increase Avatar!
Avatar to be his alter ego is, freely coordinated.
And those named after the character, such as the events of the season, cute avatar is a lot!
Enjoy the only coordination of yourself!


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