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Saturday, 16 July 2016

xFunc 3.0.0 Stable Portable

xFunc 3.0.0 Stable Portable | 11.1 Mb

Many calculators cannot handle some mathematical problems, even those with scientific functions. If you want to create and calculate complex mathematical expressions, then consider xFunc. The portable and free calculator is ideal for both teachers interested in creating mathematical expressions and students who want to calculate complex math problems.

Written in C#, the program consists of an execution file and two libraries that include the code for converting strings to expressions.

Main Features:
• Math Expressions
• Logic Expressions
• Graphs
• Truth Table
• Using xFunc

Since xFunc is a portable application, we simply extracted its compressed files to our specified destination and created a desktop shortcut for fast access. The program has a simple interface that hides its capability under the hood. The deceptively bare interface gave us access to everything we needed for our calculations.

We selected operations and numbers on the right side of the interface, although it was also possible to use the keyboard to type expressions. The expressions we created appeared on the lower pane while the answers, including expressions, were displayed on the middle pane. Right-clicking on the pane gave us the option to copy either expression or answer to clipboard or input for further calculations. We could also delete the content of the pane via the context menu.

The calculator allowed us to create different types of expressions, including trigonometric, hyperbolic, matrix, bitwise, constants and programming expressions by making relevant selections on the right pane. We could choose expression parameters on the ribbon menu on top of the user interface, which is where we could also select our desired answer base, be it decimal, hexadecimal, octadecimal or binary formats in addition to selecting angle measurement. We could also create truth tables, logic expressions and graphs with relative ease.

If we entered an incorrect expression, xFunc displayed an error message at the bottom of its window showing the mistake we made. If you want more working space, you can hide the ribbon menu by clicking the up arrow button on the top right part of the application window. Alternatively, you can either collapse or display the ribbon by pressing “Ctrl” and “F1” buttons simultaneously.

The program allowed us to save current window position and state, angle measurement, answer base and right toolbar state. We could also set the maximum number of expressions, select language and choose to check for updates.


If you have ever found your calculator incapable of creating or calculating some math expressions, then xFunc is the program you should use. The user-friendly and free calculator can handle any math expression and help you plot tables and graphs. Although it is easy to use, the designer assumed users already knew how to create math expressions, for the program lacks any help file.

New in version 3.0.0 (July 10, 2016):
- official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32/64-bit)

Languages : English, Russian, Ukrainian


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